The Bodhisattva Learning Lifecycle Model:

At Bodhisattva, we believe each person or firm is at a different stage in their learning lifecycle. Some people are clear about what kind of training they need. Some people are not; they require a more exploratory approach. And some others may not even be aware that they need to learn and grow. Wherever you stand in the lifecycle, Bodhisattva can assess your need and design a relevant program that solves your immediate issue.


Years of training experience


Workshops every year


Return on Investment

  • Programs comparable with our global counterparts without the astronomical costs
  • Capable of addressing the entire learning life cycle of training, coaching and e-learning
  • A unique learning lifecycle model that ensures accurate diagnosis, relevant interventions, and a holistic approach to learning
  • Unique methodology for psychometric tests
  • 95% of our business comes from repeat customers