Life is 1% what happens to you, and 99% how you respond to it

Skills and knowledge can get you in the game. But staying in the game depends on how you respond to change. How you learn and grow as a person. This is what separates long-term players from also-rans.

When we looked around us, we found many smart people failing to meet their true potential. They were skilled, knowledgeable and talented. So what was missing? We discovered it was their persistent inability to learn new things and grow as people. So we started Bodhisattva to help good people become great – by using training and development as the bridge.

We address such issues as how to be more effective at work, how to cope with stress, how to enjoy more fulfilling relationships, how to be true to yourself, how to be calm, and how to better understand and respond to change.

Using the latest tools, we carry out in-depth assessments to understand people’s needs. We conduct a variety of training workshops in all major cities. To address more specific issues, we coach people one on one. We also produce white papers, videos, and e-learning programs, all designed to help you grow into a more aware, effective, and calm person.

Bodhisattva is a place where you can take a break from the daily grind and approach key work and relationship issues more thoughtfully. No Power Point. No canned exercises. Just an immersion in mind-expanding ideas from diverse fields: philosophy, literature, psychology, the arts. Interact with a range of experienced, wise professionals: trainers, mentors, counsellors and life coaches, in an atmosphere of self-discovery and fun.

Vision 2030

By 2030 , operate out of 30 locations in India , and with an EBIDTA of 30 Mn and to give India 30 Lakh emotionally intelligent workforce.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Build strong and effective client engagement.

Use robust learning methodology and innovative training techniques.

Simultaneous focus on employee, work and organization.

Acquiring and engaging customers with aggressive marketing and sales techniques.

Build an ever learning and performance driven culture.

Designing and implement robust , strong and agile processes.

Our Values

Quality | integrity | Ethics | Agility

Our Innovative Methods

Our methodology is designed not to instruct but to inspire, and make ideas stick in people’s minds. No textbooks. No Power Point. Just ideas and exercises that force people to get out of their comfort zone, confront their deepest issues, and learn by action and example. Experience a variety of learning techniques from role plays and games to physical activities and group exercises.

Our Clients

Bodhisattva is a part of Quantum group which has been operating since 2001 in the space of training. Quantum has served more than 250 clients on various training programs in the area of IT Skills, Soft skills, Life skills, Foreign languages, and Cross culture sensitivity.