Bodhisattva Learning is bound to protect the personal information it collects from the individuals at the time of registration for workshop either online registration or direct registration in person, over call made through telephone, purchasing of any product online, reading blogs, downloading white papers, etc. and any such other act as notified by the company from time to time.

That collection of personal information includes, the Company during the course of their business / work name, gender, date of birth, e-mail, residential and official address, hobbies, to make online transactions which includes financial transactions etc. If any individual is desirous to apply for workshop then details as to educational details, etc. will be collected in order to provide the proper services to the concerned individuals or services as desired by the convened individual or to convey the legal and regulatory things to the concerned individual. The collection of personal information is to improve the company’s services similarly to record response to the workshops held, feedback of any product, etc. Further the individual’s personal information may be used for company’s own statistical and analytical purpose.

That the use of the individuals personal information as collected from the individual is kept in compliance with the laws and regulations as applicable in India. The personal information may be used by the Company for lawful purposes associated with the company’s business / work operations and functions which may include: -

a) Processing of individuals requisition for workshops,

b) Providing / communicating of products or services as demanded by the individual,

c) Verification of the individual’s recognition as per the prevailing laws and regulations,

d) To manage the requests, enquiries, etc.

e) Administrative and business causes,

f) To notify with the company’s services, products, updates, etc.

g) To deliver best customer experience,

h) To carry out any activity for the purpose of legal obligations either governmental or regulatory requirement, legal proceedings which include cyber proceeding / matter, to protect and defend the company’s principles, etc.

That the said individual collected information may be used or disclosed for the purposes which it was used and for the purpose as identified by the company for its business

That the individual’s personal information will be maintained in precise and exact form as is mandatory to satisfy the purpose for which it is to be used. The individual’s personal information will be protected by taking appropriate security steps and preventive measures will be taken to avoid loss, unauthorized use and accesses. Payments are processed by using Razoepay service and online technologies. All the payment transaction details are protected by necessary security standards.

The Company is taking efforts to protect the individual’s personal information and privacy of individuals of the company’s website. The Company does not take any assurance in respect of any information as disclosed by the individual online as the same is disclosed by the concerned individual at their own risk.

That in case of online registration via company’s website, access may be given as per the instructions as given on the website for limited purpose.

That the Company’s website may contain links to other third party websites which are not governed by the company’s privacy policy. Thus the company policy shall not apply once the individual leaves the company’s website and hence the company will not be responsible for any type of privacy practices as conducted by the third party websites. The company shall not take any type of liability / responsibility for the wrong use of the personal information by such third party websites.

That the company has reserved the right to change and update it’s any of the policies including privacy policy as the company thinks fit from time to time. Those individuals are requested to visit the company’s website accordingly.

That by using the company’s website, the individual has consented to the collection and use of individual information by the Company.