Where soft skills create more effective daily outcomes, coaching inspires people to stop, look inward, and answer more fundamental questions about their motivations, passions, and goals. The goal is to address detrimental patterns that may be obstructing the client’s “next level” of success and personal fulfilment.

Coaching must not be confused with training, mentoring and counselling. Training imparts skills that a client doesn’t currently have and which they need in order to do their job better. Mentoring is about guidance. An older, more experienced person in the same line of work or with the same personality takes the client under their wing and shows them the way. Counselling is about helping people find the resources to deal more effectively and sanely with pain. Coaching is none of these things. The person in need of coaching is not unskilled or sick. The person is merely unable to align their deepest motivations and potentials with their behaviour, owing to some internal block or bias. As a result they are not reaching their fullest potential.

At Bodhisattva we can identify such hidden stars quickly. Our job then is to work with them with sensitivity and insight so they understand the hidden causes of their behaviour and find the motivation and the strategy to come “unstuck”. All on their own. Because we believe the door to change must be unlocked from within. And that is what we aim to achieve through one on one coaching. These sessions take place one-on-one. The atmosphere of introspection and openness helps unearth root causes to persistent problems and also triggers action plans for achieving goals. In the end, the client becomes more self-aware, learns to draw strength from within, and embraces new routines that help them be more resilient and authentic during change.