Balanced Scorecard

Business strategy using balanced scorecard!

Date:June 05, 2018 to June 23, 2018
09:30 am to 06:00 pm


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Workshop Description

Too often, organizations fail to turn their strategies into operational reality; this where the Balanced Scorecard comes in. By translating strategy into a balanced set of objectives covering all aspects of operations and setting clear measurements it enables organizations to put strategy at the heart of everything they do.

Highlights of the workshop include:

  •          Understanding how effective strategic plans are created
  •          Turning strategy into improved operational performance
  •          Developing and constructing your own Balanced Scorecard that will become the nerve center of the organization
  •         Building a Balanced Scorecard from scratch
  •          Cascading the Balanced Scorecard to the frontline
  •         Engaging employees  to drive improved performance
  •          Aligning it to the personal goals of all the stakeholders in the process and business
  •          Creating a personal action plan to drive performance improvement within your organization

·        Balance scorecard system is widely used by different organizations in order to monitor the organizational performance and effectively align business operations with strategic goals. It mainly helps to broaden the horizon of viewing and achieving organizational goals. The balanced scorecard is a performance measurement framework that is used for both the non-financial and financial performance indicators in order to provide a holistic and balanced view of organizational performance.

 The Objective Of The Workshop

In recognition of the increasing demand for quality and efficient services, the Strategy Execution & Balanced Scorecard Master workshop presents a platform for participants to interrogate and assess the value that strategy execution & performance management brings to the quest for improved service delivery.

These 2 days’ workshop will delve into and discuss the service improvement component of strategy execution with a view to providing a conduit pipe for replication of winning formulae whilst highlighting pitfalls to be marked for avoidance.

To realize this broad objective, the WORKSHOP will:

  •          Discuss with a view to clarifying key conceptual and theoretical definitions pertaining to strategy execution, performance management, performance measurement, performance contracts, performance monitoring and evaluation and improved service delivery.
  •          Identify and evaluate the efficacy of strategy execution & performance improvement systems in relation to a government mandate to render quality and efficient services to populations.
  •          Share and exchange information and experiences on the implementation of performance improvement systems across various continental administrative jurisdictions.
  •          Identify and recommend appropriate means and policy options for optimizing and making performance management a key driver of reform in the public sector.
  • Identify and highlight key constraints and challenges that impede the effective application of performance management as a veritable tool to achieving the ultimate goal of improved services to populations. 

Agenda Of Workshop Training 

  •       Balanced Scorecard Introduction
  •        Measures
  •          Targets
  •          Initiatives
  •         BSC Perspectives  (PM)
  •         BSC Inspiration
  •          Vision, Mission & Values
  •          Strategy mapping
  •          Identify suitable Metrics
  •         SMART approach
  •          BSC measurement
  •          BSC Discussion 

       Workshop Program Attendees Will Reap Benefits Like:

  •          Have an awareness of the history and development of performance management
  •          Understand the basis of strategic management and business focus
  •          Learn the basic concepts of the BSC and how it can be used to improve organizational performance
  •          Understand how to undertake assessments and analysis as part of strategy formulation such as SWOT and PEST
  •          Learn how to formulate vision, mission, values and strategic goals
  •          Understand the relationship of objectives, measures, targets
  •          Learn how initiatives relate to strategic objectives and importance of accountabilities, timescales, costs, and resources
  •          Understand the importance of:

-          Leadership commitment and buy-in at all levels

-          Communication

-          Continuous assessment and analysis

-          Regular reviews

  •          Learn to cascade the BSC down to departments and the individual through Performance Contracts
  •          Have the option of making a work-related action plan

Why You Should Attend This Workshop

  • Organizations, or organizational units, can often get fixated on a single measure of performance, whereas in fact, to fulfill their purpose on a sustained basis, they need to monitor a balanced range of indicators.
  • The Balanced Scorecard suggests what the key indicators should be, and provides a method for identifying specific measures and goals, translated from a particular unit’s vision or strategy.

    Expert Trainer’s Profile

    Dr. Pratik  Surana – He is a Ph.D. degree holder,  an ACTP Certified Coach, " International Academy of Professional Development” certified multi-modal coach.   He is also an Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and EQ360° framework certified Practitioner from Multi-Health Systems INC (USA).

    He has made his mark as a coach who specializes in training industry people in various professional and life skills. A dynamic and multifaceted person, the reason behind his soaring prosperity is its record-breaking training 15000+ people. Furthermore; he has a number of articles and books to his credit. He is the chief mentor and founder of QUANTUM INFOTRAINERS AND CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD. (QICPL). Quantum  Group Trainings PTE Ltd. (Worldwide) which specializes in offering International Coaching Federation, Happiness and Life Coach -Certified from  Life Coaching Training Institute USA.     

    Training Date & Time

    22nd -23rd June 2018 /9:30 am - 5:30 pm 

    Group Discounts and Corporate Advantage also available.

    For more details call on +91-9823795171

    Program Fee includes:

    ·         Course materials

    ·         Training services

    ·         Lunch and Tea/coffee/snacks (In-person participants only)

    ·         Participation Certificate (for all attendees),   GST or any other taxes as applicable                                                                


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