Unlock your hidden potential through learning

Date:March 08, 2018 to May 31, 2018
12:00 am to 11:30 pm


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Workshop Description

Bodhisattva learning takes great pleasure in inviting you to “The Life Development Program - Pegasus” –A powerful horse with the wings!



It is difficult to keep up with the walloping pace with overload of information and uncontrolled emotion


· We cannot change the external environment, directly but we can definitely change the way we see and manage it.


· Mindfulness is the “master” of all skills, it’s created to keep us living in the present.


· Leading technology companies train their employees on mindfulness as they believe that it provides them with a competitive edge.


·We invite you to discover your potential and learn 'mindfulness' for professional and personal development. Four days training in the lap of Himalayas!




 To understand more about this unique program join us for the free Pre-Program Promo on 20th March 2018 @ 5 pm onward

Venue: MCCIA Trade Tower, ICC Complex, 403, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune.


Pre-Program would present you:


·         'Content' (Program in detail)


·         'Process' (How the journey go ahead)


·         'Deliverables' (what we are giving?)


·         'Outcome' (What is the outcome of the program)


  Learning outcome:


Each participant will design for him/herself a personal performance portfolio, that offers to control over his/her personal and professional satisfaction by managing the self and system interface.


 Key take away


   Reflections- 1. Decision making through mindfulness.


                         2. Learn the multiple intelligence models.


   LDGM (Lost Dutch Gold Mine) Reflections- 1. Assess natural talents and personal values.


                                                                               2. Build your professional effectiveness


   Creditability, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),EI (emotional intelligence)-



    1.Enhance your emotional intelligence and achieve results in pressure situations.